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Prison cell phone jammer test

Cell phone jammer protect prisons

Data from the test show that the micro-jammer’s signal disrupted commercial wireless signals inside the prison cell, which meant that if cellphones were operating inside the cell, they would have been rendered inoperable. At 20 ft. and 100 ft. outside the cell, however, the micro-jammer signals did not disrupt the commercial wireless signals.

“These promising test results mark a step forward countering the security threat posed by contraband cellphones,” said Assistant Attorney General Beth Williams of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy. “The results indicate the potential for localized impact of this micro-jamming technology. That is an encouraging sign that brings us closer to a solution that will make our communities safer and help prevent the continuation of criminal activity from inside prison walls.”

The data in the report will be used by BOP and the Department to understand the efficacy of micro-jamming, conduct further evaluation of jamming technology, and develop recommendations for strategic planning.

At the measurement locations inside the prison cell, measured differences in incident power between when the jammer was on versus off showed that jammer incident power levels were much greater than that of the ambient CMRS power levels. For the outdoor locations where jamming was not intended, the jammer’s incident power was measurable at 100 feet from the building. However, outdoors the incident jammer power levels were lower than the ambient CMRS levels. This was because the 5G jammersignal strength was lower outdoors than indoors, while the ambient CMRS signals were stronger outdoors than indoors.

Variations in jammer designs and emission characteristics, structural and attenuation characteristics of buildings, and site-dependent propagation factors would be expected to produce different results for different jammer installations at Cumberland FCI or other facilities. Analysis of the jammer’s potential for harmful interference to licensed radio services, if any, outside the targeted prison cell is beyond the scope of this report.

Russia's new electronic GPS signal jammer weapon

The new aircraft electronic warfare, capable of disabling military satellites, developed in Russia. He should replace the jammer Il-22ПП “Porobic”, told RIA Novosti source in the military-industrial complex.

“This car will get a brand new on-Board equipment, thanks to which he will be able to conduct electronic jamming of any targets: ground, air, sea, disabling enemy satellites that provide navigation and radio communications on earth,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

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