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Application scope and installation of mobile phone jammer

Why need use a cell phone signal jammer?

It is true that mobile phones have brought convenience to people's life, but with the mobile phone, there are also many inconveniences gradually. The school is not allowed to cheat in the exam. With the advent of mobile phones, students begin to learn to cheat with mobile phones, but they cannot completely eliminate the existence of mobile phones. Gas stations are also not allowed to use mobile phones in places where there may be a safety accident, but they cannot completely restrict customers. In a meeting or BBS lecture when the most taboo cell...

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Prison cell phone jammer test

Cell phone jammer protect prisons

Data from the test show that the micro-jammer’s signal disrupted commercial wireless signals inside the prison cell, which meant that if cellphones were operating inside the cell, they would have been rendered inoperable. At 20 ft. and 100 ft. outside the cell, however, the micro-jammer signals did not disrupt the commercial wireless signals.

“These promising test results mark a step forward countering the security threat posed by contraband cellphones,” said Assistant Attorney General Beth Williams of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy. “The results indicate the potential for localized impact of this micro-jamming technology. That is an...

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What does jammer and why need it

What does cell phone jammer meaning?

Originally speaking, a mobile phone signal jammer is especially designed for stopping the normal use of cellular phones. It works by sending out the same frequency with the base station of the signal tower. So it must work in effective range, or it will does no work at all. In the last, the signal jammer is mainly used for military purpose. While in the modern society, with the wide usage of the cell phones. The need of the functional mobile phone signal jammer is also increasing.

What does jammer type?

The RCIED gsm jammer are available in multiple formats which can be in...

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